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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in romance writings of Ro'Tor (♥)'s LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
8:41 am
"...thin and very fair. Her hair was the brightest living gold, and despite the poverty of her clothing, seemed to set a crown of distinction on her head. Her brow was clear and ample, her blue eyes cloudless and her lips and the moulding of her face so expressive of sensibility and sweetness, that none could behold he without looking on her as of a distinct species, a being heaven-sent, and bearing a celestial stamp in all her features."

- Marry Shelley, in describing her character Elizabeth

damn, but that reminds me of Celeste. :)
Sunday, February 11th, 2007
2:20 pm
love is the key
Pheonix_talon: What is the meaning of life.
FlyingViperKing: love
Pheonix_talon: what do you mean, love?
FlyingViperKing: The meaning of life is love, for without love, there is no point to reality. We would never have been given conciousness to seek out what can never be attained: imortality. So I think the meaning of life is to find the one, to love them and to watch over their happiness till the day that we die
Pheonix_talon: And what if the one you love does not love you?
FlyingViperKing: Then love them from a distance, watch over them, and be sure that, no matter the price, they feel the happinessof a full life. And, god willing, one day, either a greater love will come to you as a reward for your caring, or they will see your love for what it is and reciprocate
Pheonix_talon: Ah, but what if I never find anyone whom I love, nor who loves me? What them, my serpentine friend?
FlyingViperKing: Them, my sad, dark-hearted companion, your life was a waste. find someone or something to love.
Pheonix_talon: My life will be wasted without love? Can you put that another way, please, because thats very depressing. so lets try this again: what is the meaning if I haven't loved?
FlyingViperKing: If you haven't loved, then you haven't lived
FlyingViperKing: so, no matter what, don't let the love of life go by without you.

To sumarize for readers, understand this alone: The meaning of life is love. It doesn't matter if you acheive happiness through love, or if your love is forever one-sided, so long as you feel love, you are a grand success of life.

So love my readers, live, love, and know that when your life is weighed at the end of times, you will be found worthy of the joys of the greater reality, whatever that may be...
Saturday, February 10th, 2007
11:29 pm
Do not cry to sleep
You lie in your bed, a tear running down your cheek.

I come to you, as if in a dream, a spirit, bright with love, that watches over you like the protective shadow of a palace guard. You feel the warmth of my presence, my arms wrap around you, and the heat and comfort filters through you. Your shivering eases, and my phantom hand brushes your tear away.

The comfort of kisses carresses your face. You can feel my smile (one of love) against your bare, slumbering neck. The reassurance of love's longevity embraces you. Darkness of the room remains, but within, your heart is filled with light. My love will not let the darkness pierce your soul ever more.

Your dreams will be safe tonight, as with all nights henceforth. Nowhere can sadness grip you in the dark of sleepful night. I will be your guardian, the paladin sent to protect you.

I may not wear shining armor, nor ride a white-furred steed, but I will be your Knight, proud, protective, and always loyal. Your love fills me and gives me a strength like no warrior has had before. Your smile protects me from the pains of life more than any armor or sheild. And the ecstacy of your kiss will light my path forever better than an olympic torch.

And I serve only for your joy and protection. I am your knight. yours forever more, because I love you.

Even if, by day, your mind is troubled by hurt, and strife... at night, every night, I will cross this gap between us to watch over you. This gap is just a physical thing, and no realm of time and space can stand before the might of a love-struck heart seeking its soulmate.

I am here for you, and I am there for you. I love you; I always have, and I always will. So long as my heart beats, it does for you.

So sleep well tonight, for my spirit... my soul... is watching over you. I will let nothing hurt nor sadden the woman I love as she sleeps this night.

Current Mood: down, but still loving
Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
11:37 pm
Mechanic part 3
She sat in the dirt, tears trailing down her cheek, for hours. How could he do this to me? She was miserable. Especially with thoughts of what had gone between them all weekend. How had she missed that he was such a… a… was there even a word for it? What do you call a man who sleeps around? What word was there for a bastard like that? Were there even words vulgar enough for that?

Finally, one of the yoopers who worked at the “farm” came out to see what was wrong with the strange visitor. When Kat told him what had happened, he offered to drive her back to work. Reluctantly, she agreed to it.

* * *

Meanwhile, the submarine had been launched and the flotilla had started to run their course through to the Wisconsin coast and back. They had a passenger they hadn’t known about, though.

Daniel had climbed into the submarine with the new crew of ex-military. He knew one of the men, by a lucky break, who had led him to the bunks of the sub, and let him wallow silently in his misery.

That night, the man, Robert Farley, went to talk to Daniel.

And of course, being men, talking meant getting drunked and crying themselves to sleep after hours of chugging free government-paid-for beer.

Daniel didn’t often dream. Especially not after a night of heavy drinking, but this time, something, maybe the level of emotional turmoil in him, gave him one dream, over and over, all night.

He dreamt. In his dreams he was a knight in shining armor (and a gallant knight he was!) who rode into battle time and again to save a damsel dressed inexplicably in heavy, stained coveralls. And every time he did battle, after defeating dozens of wrench-toting and sunglasses-wearing skeletal minions (hey, dreams can be confused, sometimes), the brave knight would bring his blade to bear on the greatest evil in the land: Ususally it was a dragon, sometimes a harpie (which seemed more fitting), and once a great ogre (even more fitting, from a certain viewpoint). Always, no matter what the creature, it wore green, or had green feathers or scales, and it always had the face that had ruined his relationship:


And always, he would outsmart the beast and bring his sword through its heart, or topple a forboding castle gate upon its head, or some such.

And always, he would go to his beloved, his damsel, and fall to one knee before her, tossing his blood-soaked weapon to one side, his heavy helmet to the other, and would beg her to be his.

“Be mine, fair lady” he would say over and over through the night, but always, the damsel, her red hair shimmering both in moonlight and candle light (depending on the setting per dream) would turn to his, a tear racing down her cheek, and would cry.

After that, Daniel (the knight) would stand, and, dejected, turn and leave, knowing he had failed to serve the woman he loved as she deserved, as he had not struck down his demon quick enough.

When he woke in the morning, that was what was going through his mind. That, he realized, was the thing that had driven him to a drunken night: his demons had ruined his greatest love, and he set out to fix that once and for all—by eliminating that greatest of demons from his life.

“Rob! Hey, Rob, turn this bucket around!” he called, not noticing the slight slurring he must have been giving his words… nor, apparently, did he realize that he was aboard a parade-running leviathan, not a yacht to be driven about at the pilot’s leisure.

Eventually, after an unpleasantly-rolling tour of the boat, he was brought up to the deck, where a few rowboats were moored to cheap, new hooks along the hull of the sub, in case one of the aging plates fell off her during her trip through the deep, frigid lakes. One was pulled in (after a debate among the crew about a few details) and, finally, Robert and Daniel clambered in and they were off.

Robert manned the small outboard and powered them towards shore. He wasn’t mad, though, everyone went through women problems once in a while, he was actually happy for Daniel that he had figured out a solution so fast, though he wasn’t about to ask what it was.
Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
12:44 am
mechanic part2
She smiled softly and nuzzled her face into the skin of his broad shoulder, with her breath warm on his chest as she drifted off to sleep again in his strong, masculine arms.

When she woke up again, she was alone in the bed. But the smell of pancakes was wafting through the room, and the sunlight was splashing over her bare form and a slip of paper on the pillow beside her.

“Go out to the back patio.”

Shrugging, she got up and picked out one of his shirts from the closet. It was way over-sized, but still comfortable, and, in her opinion, very cute. Adding to the classic morning-after look, she pulled on a pair of his boxers. Then, following the instructions on the card, she wandered out the back door, nervously glancing around, fearful that someone might notice her state of undress.

When the door closed, the smell of bacon and pancakes fled for a moment, then returned, muted and melding with the soft smells of the cold northern lake. This time, though, the enticing smell was caused by fully cooked food on a plate with a fresh rose in a blue glass vase on the small all-weather wood table.

With a soft smile, she sat down to eat.

* * *

She heard him walk up but didn’t bother to turn around. She waited and soon felt his strong arms wrap around her and his fingers slowly working the button-up shirt open from bottom to top.

When the last button went, she felt his warm hands brushing her bare chest and she dropped her fork and sighed back into his caring embrace. He was kissing her now, his warm breath washing over her neck, paving the way for his soft lips and scratchy seven-o’clock shadow.

She tilted her head back and kissed him, feeling the caress of his tongue on hers. “Oh Daniel” she whispered serenely as his hands caressed her beneath her clothes.

He leaned over her and bent his face to her chest. His breath tingled all over her excited breast. Then she felt his lips converge…

Later all she would be able to remember distinctly was the soft “mbtk” sound of his lips gently kissing her over and over as the pleasure coursed through her.

* * *

It was a wonderful weekend they spent together. Passions and “I love you’s” abounded.

But, finally, Monday arrived, and Kat had to go to work.

Of course, Daniel did too, but not as early as Kat, who had a long way to go to get back to work, an hour and a half drive away. She was smiling all the way up to the Soo. Even over that treacherous Mackinaw Bridge.

In fact, she thought somewhat coyly, the constant subtle vibrations reminded her of the weekend. The grin she had when she arrived at work clashed horribly with the drab, heavy cloth she wore.

But that was okay, she didn’t think anyone realized what it meant. After all, today was the day they had been waiting for! The job was done! It was the day that the sub would be rechristened (and boy, hadn’t THAT been a fight when it was proposed as a finishing touch to the victory parade). And the ceremony was already under way.

Even after two and a half months, the president’s last victory speech was about to begin.

She wasn’t much of a supporter of the war, but Kat had to admit it was nice that a female president was the first to declare peace attained in the Middle East. So when she saw the woman standing there, bottle in hand, she knew her very feminine tears would not be commented on. No one needed to know that she was crying over something entirely unrelated to the speech being made in the dry dock that had been her life for more than a month… it was because she realized she didn’t have Daniel’s number, and the dread of never seeing him again was ripping at her heart.

She knew now, that, despite how fast they had grown acquainted, she loved him. And now, because of her own forgetfulness, she may never know him again.

And then…

* * *

As he watched Kat’s chugging truck pull out of his drive way, scattering a flutter of leaves poetically across the cobblestone parking area, Daniel came to the same realization.

But, before falling into despair, Daniel sat down and did what he could do best. He thought about what he could do. Following her wouldn’t work, he’d surely lose track of her after an hour… he knew she worked in the UP… what else did he know about her?

There was the stuff in her truck, and her old jumpsuit she had been wearing when they first made love. And they had gotten to know one another quite well as the snuggled before the fire at night and talked of their lives, their dreams, their past and their future.

Then the key came to him. It wasn’t a remembered word, it wasn’t a semi-brilliant deduction based on the physical evidence that first day, or anything mentioned as he had bathed her that first morning (that thought had him grinning, though)… no, it was something distinctly outside his memories that clued him in.

It was her picture on the news. Along with about a hundred other dock-workers holding up the sign for the dry dock number and the now-famous U-boat docked there in the photo. And then it flicked to a woman who sent a jolt through him… it couldn’t be! Janet!

Now, more than ever, he had to get there and save his soul from the damnation that would soon be thrown on him if Kat and Jan met.

He wouldn’t admit, even to himself, that he might have some feeling to spend time with Jan again… it had been so long.

* * *

She was just one face in the crowd, watching the presentation. The president, a strongly-elegant woman spoke, while her seven-person ‘court’ sat listening attentively on the platform. Three aids among the court scanned the crowd, looking for hecklers and supporters alike.

The man, was very attractive and Kat would have bet anything he and the president were exceptionally familiar with one another… no matter what the newsmen thought, the female politicians liked to enjoy the full benefit of their aids as well. The other two, both women, wore dresses. One was a sapphire blue, deep and inviting despite its light shade. The other, a brunette with flashing bright blue eyes scanned the crowd with furvor, her jade dress flapping in the wind.

Then, in an instant, even the wind seemed to stop around her as she turned her gaze through Kat’s section of the crowd, kept moving, then rushed purposefully back to look directly at Kat.

For a moment, she couldn’t understand why this woman would be looking at her, then she felt it: A man’s arms wrapped around her. Familiar arms that made her forget all about the strange attention of the green-dress lady. It was Daniel.

A smile spread across her lips as she felt his kiss fall on her neck and heard him recount to her in whispers in her ear what had happened. (He didn’t mention Jen, whom he hadn’t seen since the news earlier that morning, and hoped they were two unrelated stories.) His story done, Daniel began sliding his chin onto her shoulder, whispering still, this time asking what had happened… naturally, she wasn’t entirely sure, as she had been so self-absorbed up until then.

They stood there, listening to the president as she spoke about the trials felt by the presidents before her. About the infamy wrought upon Bush despite his efforts to save them from war (a lot of focus there, they were of the same party). But, before her own contributions and trials came up, Kat and Daniel were distracted.

* * *

The couple were standing there, Daniel stooping over Kat, with his arms wrapped gently around her, when she suddenly felt his arms tenseing around her, his muscles flexing taut beneath his skin. Then, with a pull, he fell away from her, staggering her slightly. She spun around, unsure what was happening. Daniel was missing!

* * *

Daniel had an entirely different view of these activities, of course.

From his perspective, it went a little something like this:

He was holding Kat, reveling in the amazing comfort and calm that radiated through him, feeling his dream girl clutched in his arms, when he felt a thick, strong hand grasp his shoulder and wrenched him out of the crowd.

Two men were standing over him, heavy wrenches held in their hands as they looked him up and down. Suddenly he wondered if wearing shorts and a sweat-stained T-shirt might have been a bad decision for this important function. He didn’t fit in with either the dock-working crowd nor the buisiness-suit wearing crowd there by invitation or obligation.

“Hey.” One of the muscle-bound men said, gesturing to another dock worker, “Looks like we have a feeler.”

“Oh yeah?” returned the plump man who came wheezing out of the crowd as Daniel climbed back to his feet.

“It was Kat, he was grabbing! I say we kill him and stuff him in a ship’s double hull.”

“Now, then, Jacen, I think we can just break a few of his bones nice and subtly without any problems, or those nasty smells at sea.” He laughed, but he wasn’t smiling.

Out of nowhere, seemingly, a wrench flew at Daniel’s head, thrown by, apparently, the second man. With a deft twist of his hand, Daniel snatched the wrench out of the air a mere inch from a painful connection with his face. In the same movement, he swung up from a crouch and used the heavy metal implement to smash the other man’s hand, knocking his heavy wrench out of the man’s hand. “Hey!”

“Get him…”

“Shut up, you!” Daniel tossed one of the wrenches past the fat man’s head. “Why are you three messing with me? I don’t think I know any of you.”

“Boy, you have to be fucking with us!” The fat man moved forward, completely unfazed by the close call. “You think you can feel up one of my boys, and get away with it?”

“Feel up a ‘boy?’” Daniel was very confused. “Pal, I was with my girl. I don’t know what you think happened, but you obviously didn’t see what was going on.”

“I saw you fondling and grabbing Kat. I can’t let you do tha…”

“Wait… Kat?” Daniel started laughing. “Look, Mr. …?” The fat man didn’t say anything, in fact, he looked even angrier. “Kat and I are… together. I wasn’t doing anything she didn’t want me to do, I swear.”

“Sure.” The fat man gestured once more, and the two burly men made a run for him.

“Stop!” A woman’s voice, very officious, penetrated the hooting of the small, but growing crowd. “This man is mine to deal with.” And she flowed forward on silvery high heels, the sparkling green dress she wore, though cut like a suit, flowed like a gown around her.

“No” he said almost silently, a combination of worry and glee fighting out a moral battle within him.

“Hi, Danny. I see your ands are still full.”

“Look lady, I don’t care if you know him, I don’t and he was groping my friend. That’s something we have the right to beat him for.”

“Not any more. The secret service has this now.” And, sure enough, four men in black suits with the famous black sunglasses and the earpiece stepped into a circle around the beffuddled Daniel, picked him up with apparent ease, and carried him into the near-by tool-shed. Once there, she dismissed the guards and began operating on her own.

“Hi, Danny. Never thought you’d see me again, did you?” She draped a hand over his shoulder, then traced her manicured nails down to his chest as she spoke. “So… what have I missed? And how hard will it be for me to get you back?”

“I… I’m…” he let out an involuntary gasp as her fingers went down, and he felt her brushing his waist in an all-too-familiar way. He took Janet’s hand in his, pulling it away from his crotch before she did anything he would regret letting her do. “I’m in a relat—”

“Now, now, my boy…” she pulled his face close to hers with her left hand, gently brushing through his hair: the height of flirtation in every way. “no… you’re no boy, you’re a man!”

* * *

Kat, meanwhile, had found her coworkers, found out what had happened, and chased her lover’s abductors to the tool-shed. But when she got there, she wished she hadn’t.

There was Daniel, the man she had been dreaming about for months, the man who had made her happier than anyone ever had, and he was holding that woman in green’s hands and kissing her!

She screamed.

Kat had never screamed before. Well, not since she had finished teething as a baby, anyways.

But she felt more betrayed than she ever had before. Of course, that was the only effeminent thing she did. The next thing she did, naturally, was to fire a bolt-gun at the bitch kissing her man.

Luckily for both Daniel (who was in the way) and Janet, the gun was nonfunctional, and the Secret service men nearby got there in time to push Kat away.

She was left stuffed into a van, and the next thing she knew, they were dumping her ten minutes from the soo by car, in front of some place called the “bear farm.” There was a gun to her head and a warning not to try to take that jealousy too far, or she might get worse next time.

* * *
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
2:45 am
The Slow Dancer
Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLDm)

Steady, reliable, and cradling her tenderly. Take a deep breath, and let it out real easy...you are The Slow Dancer.

Your focus is love, not sex, and for your age, you have average experience. But you're a great, thoughtful guy, and your love life improves every year. There's also a powerful elimination process working in your favor: most Playboy types get stuck raising unwanted kids before you even begin settling down. The women left over will be hot and yours. Your ideal woman is someone intimate, intelligent, and very supportive.

Your exact opposite:
The Hornivore

Random Brutal Sex Master
While you're not exactly the life of the party, you do thrive in small groups of smart people. Your circle of friends is extra tight and it's HIGHLY likely they're just like you. You appreciate symmetry in relationships.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Battleaxe

CONSIDER: The Maid of Honor or The Sonnet

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
Monday, September 18th, 2006
1:13 pm
My Love
My thoughts are filled with your touch
My lips will forever feel your sweet kiss
If I didn’t love you I’d be a stupid dunce
For you’re the one who fills my heart with bliss

Your gorgeous green eyes that sparkle with rapture
Along with your magnificent smile full of laughter
Have made sure that my soft beating heart took flight
Because everything you say makes everything alright

You turn my grayest days into a spectacular shade of blue
You made me laugh when my day was going down the drain
There are no words to explain how much I LOVE YOU
You make me feel like I’ve go sunshine on a day full of rain

I would go to the ends of the earth for you
I would make sure your days are never blue
I would make sure your problems were few
If ever I were to marry you like I want to

I long for your warm embrace
Your strong arms wrapped around me
And for you I’d fall from grace
By your side is where I want to be

Current Mood: loved
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
1:47 am
A little poll, if you don't mind
Poll #818994 Who thinks what?

on a scale of one to 5, five being best, what do you think of this comunity?

Mean: 4.33 Median: 4 Std. Dev 0.47

tell me about you

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which story do you like most among those so far?

On the Green
A Dream Come True
Madeline (first declaration)
Lara's Destiny
The Knight of the Dales

Current Mood: sleepy
1:23 am
This I say to any man who would put down his love's intentions: Stop.

I don't care if you believe a woman to be merely a thing of entertainment, or given over to flights of fancy. whether true or not of the woman you love, you should, with that very first "I love you" have given over any and all your reservations to support and nurture the one you love. protect them, but keep them motivated. be proud of her in everything she does, whether you would do it or not, becuase it isn't your life, it is hers, and to fight will only hurt her. You can't stop her, but you can give her the love and gentle encouragement she needs to take her chosen situation and turn it into the greatest reality she can.

And really, isn't that the least you can do?
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
9:01 pm
Draco Ro'Tor's Mechanic story (part one)
The Mechanic
{Written with all the cute tomboy-ish girls I ever had a crush on in mind}

By clicking on the upcoming link of this site, which indicates the continuation of the storyu this LiveJournal Entry is devoted to, you will be certifying that you are of 18 years of age or more. The author of this entry holds no responsibility for any children who choose to disreguard this warning.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you may read on and click the link to see the full entry.

Tools clattered to the ground with resounding clanks, and the harsh scream of piston-driven machinery echoed through the slip. The sky, an ominous gray as it often was over the Soo Locks, looked out over a grand menagerie of war machines young and old, a battle fleet risen from the dead, as it were, to partake in the ultimate celebration of VI day, the day the war ended in Iraq, for real this time.

Age restriction: 18 or olderCollapse )

* * *

She felt a marvelous, soft kiss on her lips. At first, she thought it was just an exceptionally real dream, then the kiss became more real, and she could taste his kiss, feel the warmth of his lips, and feel the warmth of his breath on her cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open. And there was his smiling face! What a marvelous wake up call! Never could have been one better, she was sure of that. She lifted off the pillow, pulling into the kiss. “I love you,” she murmured serenely. For a moment, she was worried he would be offended at how fast this had all happened.

But no, he just smiled, turned slightly red, and kissed her even harder. Then, subtly, gently, he whispered in her ear: “Kat, when I’m with you, ‘All other girls grow dull as painted flowers Or flutter harmlessly as painted flies.’ I love you too.”(DRACO’S NOTE: That one goes out to my very own gorgeous poet: Celeste)

They kissed then, a passionate kiss reminescent of all that had happened in that memorable night...

To Be Continued... when I get the chance, I'll ad some real plot to this, lol, don't worry

Current Mood: good
Saturday, August 26th, 2006
7:00 pm
Madeline: First Declaration (a prequel)
ATTENTION: Due to the graphic nature of some scenes, both sexual and sadistic, readers are urged not to read if they are under 18. This writer understands that none of his best attempts to stop underage reading would be futile, but asks that readers not read if they have especially week stomachs or are under age.

On the other hand, I want it understood that this story, despite the nudity and mention of sadistic practices, is first and foremost a romance tale, based on an earleir entry about a young hooker who found love and an escape from her bad life.

I hope you will read it, if you are old enough, that is.

to read the story, click the link below:

Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
9:18 am
something new to come on our site
Becuase of the graphic nature of some of the writings that will be added to this site in the near future, (tonight, if at all possible), notice that the following will be included in some entries:

Age restriction: 18 or olderCollapse )

also, a second option that the author may choose to incorporate in their detailed, or risque entries is as follows:

Before reading beyond the teaser provided to casual readers, the reader must be sure that they are safely within the eighteen-or-older age group that one must be in to legally continue with the entry. Unfortunately, this author does not have the jurisdiction to check a social security number. however, he/she asks that you obey the law (both national, as well as state, and in some cases local) on the subject of possibly-pornographic reading materials. Thank you.

Author's Personal Note: To any upset officials/parents who find these security precautions insufficient, Please inform me of any upgrades to the security you would require as well as how to implement them. Believe us all here at Tor_Says when we say that we don't want anyone underage to read or see what they are not supposed to.
Monday, July 10th, 2006
7:20 am
soon to come
There is some new stuff on the way, if anyone is out there to see. I'm just not finished editing any of the stories just yet.

Look forward to a nice story that gives some background on my old friend, Mady, and a story that goes so far it left my most anti-romance type editor practically speachless... too fast and fiery? we'll see.
Saturday, June 17th, 2006
9:23 pm
The Ultimate lover's Quiz by draco_rotor
Your name?
Current date?
Love of your life?
Year you'll be marriedAugust 25, 2008
Sexual skill level: 86%
Oral Skill level: 57%
How good you are at kissing: 28%
How nice it is for your lover to cuddle with you: 65%
Your best skill:Even your worst caress makes them swoon!
The nickname your lover gives you:The Beast
How good you are at massages:: 11%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

*blush* that worked out better than I thought it would when I wrote the quiz

The Ultimate lover's Quiz by draco_rotor
Your name?
Current date?
Love of your life?
Year you'll be marriedJune 7, 2008
Sexual skill level: 77%
Oral Skill level: 68%
How good you are at kissing: 48%
How nice it is for your lover to cuddle with you: 81%
Your best skill:That thing you do with your tongue... you know
The nickname your lover gives you:Sweetheart
How good you are at massages:: 70%
Quiz created with MemeGen!
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
8:15 pm
I remember the day we met, when I should have been marveling at your beauty, but was too busy lamenting the colapse of my last, and worst, relationship.

Your name should have called out to me, telling me of your perfection, but fool that I am, I missed it.

Your sensuous giggle, so uplifting, should have drawn me to you from the start, but fool that I am, I missed it.

Your eyes, haunted by pain but still so bright and happy, should have called me to you like two shimmering blue beacons in the night, but fool that I am, I missed it.

My love for you should have been boundless from the start, but I shamefully admit it was not.

Thankfully,, the next day, we met again, and, as if seeing you for the first time, I saw your beauty. Your eyes, your smile, your electrifying laugh, the way your hair cascades over your beautiful shoulders. How did I miss it before!?

By the time I realized my love for you it was too late, as we had grown to be just friends, and men I knew to be better for you than I, so I never told you how I felt in any way you would understand.

Once, in a fit of loneliness, I uttered the phrase "I love you" in another language I knew you did not understand, but I still regretted it. All other times, despite every ounce of my body urging me to do otherwise, I kept my distance. but inside, where you couldn't see, I could think of only you. whenever you smiled my heart skipped a beat, and it was always all I could do not to caress you too when we would walk in the arboretum late at night, and I'd watch the moonlight caressing your perfect form.

I was terrified, when you were so sad and needed comforting most, and my concience warned me that if I put my arm around you, I might not let go. So often your tears fell on my shoulder and I wanted to wrap your shuddering form protectively in my arms and to kiss your tears away under the soft moonlight. I couldn't let that happen, so I kept my distance and I fear I must have hurt you, to pull away from you as you cried to the heavens for which you were named, but I loved you even then, and I could not risk letting myself hurt you by drawing you into a kiss at the worst time.

I was struggling to keep from you the powerful feeling boiling my blood as you spoke your deapest, most painful secrets to me. I couldn't let you know how it hurt me to knoe how men you had trusted had used you, how they had betrayed you, and I asked God (yes, *I* called on god) to protect you from misstreatment, hoping you would meet some perfect man who could hold you and protect you the way I yearned to. because, however much it would hurt to see you with any other man, it would hurt far worse to see you misstreated again.

You have no idea the way my heart fluttered whn you finally leaned in towards me that day when our lips met for the first time.

Looking back on the joy of the day, I don't think anything but the soft perfection of your voice can elicit such happiness in me any more.
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
10:50 pm
The Silly love... for now, I will probably change that title for the final product.
MEILUN: The female lover (Chinese-American)
WALTER: The male lover
HANK: Walter’s best friend

ORICA: A palm reader
SCHEN-TAO: A white man obsessed with Asian culture
FALDER: The Harlequin

[the scene is a small tavern on the edge of china-town in a modern-day city. ORICA sits at a table reading the hands of the two friends WALTER and HANK]

WALTER Me next, lady!

ORICA [reading HANK’s palm] in good time. Patience, child. [to HANK] you have a very interesting palm, dear boy. Here, your war line and your riches line meet early along your life line… did you not, as a child, steal something of value to a friend?

WALTER [aside] damn right he did: my CDs!

ORICA [overhearing, though HANK had not] that is as I had suspected.

[enter MEILUN, on opposite side of the room from the two men and the reader. Followed by SCHEN-TAO, over-eagerly questioning her in a hushed voice about something that no one but she can hear, it is infuriating her as the seat themselves at the bar in back.]

MEILUN Shaun, go away.

HANK and WALTER Hey, Mei. C’mon over here.

ORICA You have a long life line, and it converges here with your love line… at near this time… you will live happily ever after with some very lucky girl.

WALTER All right, that’s enough [pushes HANK out of the way, puts his palm out with $5 in his hand] it’s my turn to get read.

[with a rapid sweep of her hand, ORICA makes the money disappear and begins to read WALTER’s palm inaudibly]

HANK Hey, Mei, guess who is living happily ever after! Its gotta be true, the palm-reader said so.

MEILUN Ludicrous. Where is the owner? I’m hungry, and that waitress is good for nothing but entertaining men with her short skirt.

WALTER What’s wrong with that?

ORICA Hold still young man, or I’ll pocket your money and you won’t get any readings out of me.

WALTER Okay, okay! [Grumbles to himself]

SCHEN-TAO Meilun, will you join me for a ceremonial tea? Or perhaps we can go worship Yuuzhan together?

MEILUN First off, Yuuzhan isn’t a Chinese deity, I don’t even know what it is, second, I’m a Christian, third, I don’t like tea.

HANK Fourth, you’re totally creeping us out.

[SCHEN-TAO glares at the other two men, WALTER stifles a laugh]

MEILUN Hank! that’s mean… About damn time! [she walks over to the bar where a male server has appeared and orders a meal, then sits along the quaint bar to wait for it]

ORICA [a subtle spotlight draws attention to ORICA] Your lifeline also draws into your pronounced love line here… interesting, I have seen a similar merger somewhere before.

HANK Don’t look at me!

ORICA [with a warning glance at HANK] Walter, you will do even better than your rude friend here in your love life to come. Yours is a powerful and long love line, and I see from it that whomever this woman you are destined for is, she is both beautiful and very lucky. You will come put of nowhere and sweep her off her feet.

WALTER Really? I never have been much of a romantic, after all.

ORICA I don’t know anything about that, all I know is what I read of your future from your palm, you aren’t paying me for a review of your past love life.

MEILUN Don't buy too much into it. She's said my love line was longer and more pronounced than she had ever seen.

HANK You can love?

MEILUN [glaring] Yes, but your point is mine as well.

WALTER Yeah. Neither Meilun or me is much of a romantic. How can either of us have such "amazing" love lines?

ORICA [distractedly looking out into the audience as if into space] Yes, that is something, isn't it?

[Enter FALDER from the kitchen, carrying a meal which he places in front of MEILUN. FALDER is all smiles as usual]

MEILUN [warming up considerably in FALDER's presence] Thank you, old man.

FALDER You are welcome little girl. [to WALTER and HANK and ORICA] and what about the three-way in the corner booth? You folks thirsty?

WALTER No thanks, Fal, We're fine.

SCHEN-TAO Well, I'm thristy. Get me a tea.

FALDER [to himself] Ask nicely if you don't want it in your face. [to SCHEN-TAO] Sorry guy, all out.

Current Mood: worried for my girl friend
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
5:21 am
ok, I know I'm taking advantage of this space for personal comments, but it IS mine and noone reads this but me anyways, so to my beautiful girlfriend:

I love you, sweetheart! You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
1:34 am
the knight of the dales, part five ENDING
She awoke to the feel of kisses on her lips… standing over her, freshly washed after a knight of labors at his new lord’s side (or so she assumed Galin to be the knight Alban’s servant now… he wasn’t telling her and she truly would rather not know… not yet, anyways) the man she truly loved more than any other smiled at her. She sat up and leaned against his chest… bare, save for a pair of light trousers, his wet skin reflected the moonlight as she ran her hands though his unruly hair… then he kissed her again and his hands went around her and within her garments, teasing her body till her entire form was red with a blush of pleasure. “I love you, Elizabeth.” His breath caressed her neck as he spoke, kissing her from ear to shoulder over and over, and her hands explored him and his caressed her beneath her clothes.

Then her clothes fell away, and he was against her. She had already expected this and his pants fell to the ground, revealing his wet, excited body to her eyes and touch. With a thrill he entered her and his hands began to caress her breasts as he caressed her within.

All thought of the mysterious knight was forgotten… all that was important was that she and galin were there, and that they loved each other so much… their kiss was forceful and full of excitement as, together, they climaxed spectacularly. “I love you, he said, bracing himself over her on his hands and knees. Then she kissed him and they began again… the moonlight shining on them and the wind the only movement around.

* * *

The wedding. Now nothing could stop it unless Galin arrived to take her away… but now she was walking down the isle, and that was almost impossible.

There he was at the end of the isle, again in full armor, glistening silver in the sunlight streaming through the stain-glass windows. She walked down the isle, her gown a gleaming white. The music from the organ wafted over her, her assembled family and the smattering of soldiers and their wives who constituted the groom’s side. She caught a hint of a smile under his shimmering silver helm as she stepped up to the podium.

Lady Glastonbury was crying as the knight of Albans turned to look down at his bride-to-be. He leaned his head down, raised his faceplate and kissed her hand so softly it drove a thrill through her, but not so much as the engagement ring she saw on her finger when his head came away from her manicured fingers.

It was polished silver. Two parallel bands set a millimeter apart with a tiny silver plate like the mane of a lion encircling three stones. In the center, half again the size of the stone to either side of it was a 12-faceted ruby of vivid scarlet. To each side was a darker, but equally clear and flawless 8-faceted ruby that had a starburst design inlaid on the reverse side.

She gasped with delight and looked up at him. It was him! Galin! With a barely-audible squeal she threw her arms around him and kissed him. Then, realizing where they were and what was about to happen, she dropped her eyes to her sides, and blushing turned back to the priest. A matching blush was on Galin’s tan, rugged cheeks.

Then the priest began and she was lost in the romance of the moment. The next thing she knew, he was saying “I do” and looking at her with those soft but powerful grey eyes that had seen so much of sadness but saw in her only happiness as he turned and awaited her answer.

“No,” she whispered meekly, her eyes downcast so she couldn’t see the pain in his eyes she knew would come of saying that. But there was more…

“Not, that is,” she looked up at him and the sneakiness in her eyes showed through and, thnks to a burst of insight, Galin knew what she was thinking, and a new light appeared in his eyes, “to the knight of Albans.”

He reached up, smiling, and removed his polished helm and threw it to the ground. As it clanged down the steps he turned and put his hands on her arms gently, smiling with delight. “But will you marry me as Galin Fairchild?”

“Oh, yes! I do!” she threw her arms around him even before the priest was finished saying “You may kiss the bride.” She had kissed him so passionately that no one could separate them for an hour. But it didn’t matter that they eventually had to break apart physically to mingle with the crowd, because they would never be alone again.
1:32 am
the knight of the dales, part four
It was a month later, and her father and this knight, who, she heard, was overjoyed at the prospect of a noble wife, were on their way back to England.

She dreaded their return. What would she do when her father asked her to wed this strange man? She still loved Galin, even if she had never heard what had become of him. Did he die in the fight? Was he killed in a shipwreck? Did he just disappear, run from the fight? Has he fallen in love with another woman and gone to her instead… that last thought brought her slight tears pouring now.

She missed him so. She could still remember the feel of his hands on her shoulders. Then down, tracing her arms and each of his hands holding hers, raising her right hand to his lips and kissing it ever so gently in the moonlit garden where they had first met. Then, with her hands on his, his arms slowly, sensually encircling her waist and his face to her ear, whispering words of love and affection softly in her ear until the moon herself envied their love.

She remembered the soft kisses that he would bestow upon her in the wee hours of the night when they were safe to hold one another and love one another. She recalled vividly the feel of his firm but gentle hands exploring her, as if for the first time, each time they met in that garden, under the eyes of the moon and the stars, with the bubbling of the river like music to their lovers’ ears.

She thought back to the feel of his bare chest pressed hard against hers as their lips met in a kiss of such passion that it felt as though the entire world could not match it. How hard, powerful, irresistible his muscled arms were to her wondering touch even as his own hands found ways to bring joy to her entire body without ever going where it would be most improper. He knew he could, that she would be overjoyed at the feel of his strong hands caressing her, but he was always so careful not to disgrace her even in her own mind that his loving caress never wavered to any place it would be improper.

Her hands were held back in no such manner and she knew every inch of his strong, handsome body by both sight and touch. Every powerful muscle, every sensual inch of his hard body was hers to hold and explore as he held her close of a bed of flowers in their secluded garden paradise. The cold of the night air was chased away by the heat of passion within them both together there in the middle of nature’s wonder.

All this she remembered: the heat of their passions, the feel of their bodies together with no division between them, the knowledge that in his arms, like nowhere else on earth, she was safe. With Galin, Elizabeth had found the love she had always so desperately wished to find, and in an amazing body that would do anything for her, and had, to her delight, found ways of sending happy shivers up her spine that no other man had even been able to dream of.

She stood now in her garden, the first bed of their love, a field of violet flowers of an oriental vein brought here by her botany-loving mother to her left, waving serenely in a slightly chill wind. These were the first flowers of spring blooming for her to see… soon, the warmth and beauty of the season would see her wedding here on this most memorable and memory-filled of places. She missed Galin, and hoped that he would return soon to save her from the sadness and loneliness of an arranged marriage.

But a servant was coming, and her reverie was at an end… this must be about her father’s return… perhaps his “great knight” will be caught up in some heinous scandal and unable to wed me, she thought hopefully.

* * *

“No, Lord Walsing, I will not go through with your foolish marriage. Not in the way you wish, and not for the reasons you propound so absurdly.”

“Then you leave my daughter at the altar, unwed, her dowry still mine? Think wisely, Knight.” The portly Lord of Shrewsbury boomed in his most demeaning tone… one almost only reserved for the servants and peasants of the land, rarely would he use it on a fellow nobleman. But for Albans, he was making an exception.

The newly-knighted lad, for his part, stood stoically through the tirade that followed, wherein the father of the bride spoke to unbearable length of his family’s proud heritage dating back to Arthur. The knight didn’t believe most of it, but he also didn’t particularly care. He was of a rare breed these days, the knight who married for love. He knew that only if the woman he was speaking of could love him would he be betrothed to her.

Finally, the rant of lineage died away and Albans, whose name was lost to him, he felt, since this knighting, replaced his gauntlets and, having not removed his helm during the visit, prepared to leave, as he was duty-bound to walk with the castle guard once so that the king might know his loyalty, and that time was at hand. “Prepare your wedding, ‘father-of-Elizabeth.’ I will meet with this woman, and if I love her as much as the man she loves, then perhaps.

”We shall see which groom arrives to claim her, the knight of glory, or the man who shares her love.” With a sneer of contempt he spun on his spurred heals and stamped out.

The chubby Lord watched stunned… what was this apparently sensible man doing conversing on a subject so patently for women as love? Love mattered nothing to any man, he knew that. Love was the invention of the minds of poor women to keep their own hopes up. Any Lord worth his salts could say as much.

Well, it was obvious by what that fool knight had said that he did indeed hope to have a wedding. Maybe he wouldn’t have to give away quite as much money as he had thought to rid himself of this unfortunate daughter. He turned and walked back into his estate in London… truly this had been a successful day… He had rid himself of a drain on his income and ensured a strong male lineage. His goals were met. Now it was time to partake of some fine food…

* * *

“My dear, I have fantastic news. The good knight has accepted your proposal of 50,000 ₤.He says that he will come here to learn your love or some such mischief. Then, you will be wed within the month.” Her father was absurdly excited over such a heinous fact. She didn’t want to be in love with a strange, vicious knight, who was as interested in money as her father, apparently. She wanted to be in love with and wed to Galin, the man who had devoted ten years to winning her heart.

She shook her head, a tear or two rolling down her cheeks, and rushed from the room before she started to cry full force, lest her father become angry. She rushed down the halls. Her cries reverberated from the walls pitifully. Servants’ heads poked out of doorways to follow her progress in confusion.

Finally, with sadness beyond compare, she ran outside into the garden she knew so well, where they had slept, their bodies pressed joyously together, arms around one another and kissing passionately hoping the moment would never end. She wanted to be alone, so she locked the entrance behind her, but there she found the last thing she had ever expected… Galin!!!

She ran to him, practically flew into his strong, tan arms. She felt his hard muscles encase her protectively. “Oh, Galin, I have terrible…”

“I know” he looked down at her lovingly. His eyes shown with his love and happiness at having her once more in his arms, “I already knew… I can fix this.”

His hands explored her back as he kissed her then. A kiss that would make you melt just to read of it. Their lips met and opened with delight. Their eyes locked and in his gaze she saw a longing as great as her own. Her hands fumbled in the tiny amount of space between their bodies, loosening then removing his thick shirt, revealing a perfect, muscled chest she had almost forgotten. His own powerful hands had been loosening her dress and, with a few slight sensual shifts of her body, it fell to the grass. His own pants and assorted garments of the chivalrous warrior lay on the ground where they had been discarded. She stood before him, her clothes forgotten on the ground, and ran her hands over his heaving chest, then down, exploring the hard muscles that adorned his entire tanned form. He wanted her, she could see that, if she hadn’t already known.

She came to him again. His kisses all over her naked body excited her more than the feel of his own nude body against hers. His hands explored her in places she would never let any man touch her other than he. His lips caressed her arms, her hands, her shoulders, her stomach, and her breasts… especially her breasts. Ecstasy coursed through her body as his tongue teased her most sensitive spots with the utmost love and care. She couldn’t hold back and pulled him onto her, and they slowly slid to the ground.

His body pressed onto hers and she could feel him aching to be even closer. They kissed, their love creating passions beyond any measure. His hands ran across her chest, tracing lines of pleasure across her even as he entered her. She knew he was near his own peak of pleasure, as always, though, he still would do things to pleasure her first, and himself second…which wouldn’t be hard, her entire body pulsed with the pleasure his touch was giving her.

Their lips met a final time, and the ecstasy that filled her was too much. Pleasure exploded outward from her and her back arched, pressing him deeper within her. Her body gripped him tightly and she felt his self erupting. Their cries of happiness filled the air, and their bodies fell softly to the grass side by side.

She snuggled close to him and he pulled his coat across her shoulders and she lay her head on his still-heaving chest. Her hair was matted to his skin with perspiration, but they didn’t care. With the excitement and urgency of releasing their pent up longings at an end, they lost themselves in one-anothers’ arms and watched in comfortable silence as the sun, radiating a red light through the air, set below the peaceful dales.

“Everything will be alright, my love,” he whispered, his breath warm on her skin, “I can make everything better.”

She smiled lovingly up at his sculpted features through tired eyes. “I love you… thank yo…” her voice trailed off as sleep overcame an exhausted Elizabeth. She fell asleep in his bare, muscled arms with her head against his chest.

“Everything.” He whispered. He knew what had to be done, and as he kissed her forehead ever so gently, his mind was made up on what had to be done.

* * *

Every night, like before, the lovers met and passions flared as their lips then their bodies met in ecstasy beyond the ability of words to describe, and every day the machinations of her lover went on, his plans falling into place. But all too soon the woman he loved was to be wed…

On the third to last day before her wedding, her groom-to-be made an appearance in full armor on her father’s request. His hair was sandy and matted with the sweat of his morning exertions. But when he got off his horse, his face invisible behind the grating of his helm, and stretched his tired muscles, none of the women there cared… it was better to imagine a perfect face beneath the armor, a mystery man who came to sweep a girl off her feet to be his bride and know his handsome features and strong touch.

With a noble gait he walked silently past the swooning serving women and handmaidens and made for the lady Elizabeth, who had decided to wait quietly on a rock by a spring instead of gawking like her friends at a knight in shining armor riding in on a big white horse… seemed rather foolish to her, really. Childish.

Somehow, though, he knew who she was and made directly for her. The soft panging of his leather-bottomed, armored greaves alerted her to his approach, but she didn’t look up. “Elizabeth.” It wasn’t a question, but there was certainly a tone of wonder and gentleness in his rugged, masculine voice made all the sexier by his powerful figure in full war armor. She couldn’t help but look up at him now. But his face was buried in the shadow and iron mesh of his helm.

“What do you want?” She put as much harshness and contempt into her voice as she could manage, but it still came out rather too feminine before the towering manly figure.

“To tell you that I have, in the last two weeks watched over you and come to love you more than any other man can love any other woman.” He lowered himself to one knee, his armored face came close to her and she could see the light of two caring-filled eyes within the helm. He truly had fallen in love with her, that was apparent.

“And you intend to prove this to me?” she harrumphed. But it was a meek squeak as his manly voice set off bells of happiness within her that had only felt anything around Galin. Indeed, the response he made was enough to light the fire of passion in any woman, no matter how opposed to marrying him she was:

“I shall prove it with my love. When we are married, beautiful Elizabeth, I shall take you out to a moonlit garden, and begin to kiss you… first, your lovely hand,” he lowered his armored head and his breath on her hand sent a shiver up her spine as she imagined his lips in its place, tracing a line up her arm as he spoke of it, then onward. “Finally, I will reach your ear,” his breath on her ear was enough to make her knees weaken with excitement… not since the last night with Galin had she known anything so amazing. “then finally, I will kiss you on your lips for the first true kiss of our marriage, and, for us, it will be as though time has stopped just to give us an eternal moment of happiness…” as he spoke, he brought his helm close to her face, and, although her eyes were closed as she imagined it delightedly, she heard him open the grating of his helm and his breath was suddenly warm on her lips… then she felt his own lips meet hers for the barest of moments, throwing a bolt of lighting into her heart and shooting out a rush of excitement and joy like she only knew with Galin… and now with her mysterious knight. It was too good a feeling… she fainted with joy.
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the knight of the dales, part three
As he hid behind a broken battering ram, safe for the moment from the most vicious arrow bombardment yet, Galin reached a gauntleted hand into his chain neckpiece. Pulling out a thick twine weighted down at one end with a silver ring that gleamed in the light of the nearby fires. He ran his dirty fingers over its polished surface, the three rubies inset in its surface seemed to watch him like three red eyes. With a sigh, he kissed the ring, remembering whose finger he would be putting it on when he returned victorious from this campaign, and returned it to its safety beneath his chain-mail armor.

Time to end this before any more great warriors fell, and before he too took a wound that would make it impossible for him to fulfill his promise to the woman he loved. I will win this fight, Elizabeth, and be made a knight. Then we can together!

He ran forward, dodging with amazing speed arrow after arrow. Left five paces, then a leap over a fallen knight and a swing of his axe to force another to shield himself against death, then right two paces at lightning speed to avoid a flurry of arrows that were seeking him out, now that his target was apparent to the enemy

He wasn’t the only one, of course, a knight from Walsingham fell to the ground, an arrow protruding grotesquely from his chest, then the four story mass of iron and wood that would spell the doom of British Normandy unless someone did something soon loomed over him, pulled by ten French horses of a size unmatched by any cavalry horse on the battlefield. With deft slices of his axe, he severed the twenty thick ropes holding this mighty team to its charge, halting the advance of this doom weapon before it was too late.

Then, running as fast as he could to avoid the swings of the enemy knights, Galin leapt into the opening in the rear of the structure, then, brandishing a falchion he found on the floor next to a fallen archer, he raced up the first stairwell to the level of the ballistae. Both of these large weapons’ crews were dead, except for a single ill-armored Frenchman cowering in fear against a wall.

With a smile of relief, Galin took the next flight two steps at a time. Maybe he wouldn’t have to kill anymore enemies to prove his worth as a man to the family of the woman he loved so dearly. Unconsciously, his hand went to the base of his throat, pressing the ring he wore around his neck to his bare skin, hoping to one day feel her hand instead of just her ring.

An arrow flitted past his head, and he knew that he wasn’t going to be seeing the beautiful Elizabeth again unless he focused on the cold-hearted combat of this battle. He felt a drop of blood slide down his ear… the arrow’s head had nicked his earlobe… too close for comfort. But now was not the time for either hate or fear…. with cool, calculating strikes, he broke each bow or the arm holding it on the last floor of ranged weaponry.

Unarmed, the French Yeomen were unwilling to fight an axe-wielding, heavily-armored Briton. It was a matter of moments before Galin had each of the living archers tied to a support pillar inside the rolling weapon, and removed their riches… with these, he could, he hoped, buy his right to be with his love.

But for now, the top of this machine had to be cleared of any stray archers and those damnable French nobles who wanted to be the first to overtake the British defenses.

He ran up the stairs, and swung his axe in a destructive arc. Three knights fell, one wounded, the others injured from slamming into one another while trying to flee the swinging blade that they were not equipped to block.

The others charged, and he knew that his chances of returning to his love were few… his luck couldn’t last much longer. He only hoped he had enough combat skill to see him through this nearly impossible situation.

* * *

He was dead, she was sure of it. Word from the battle had started coming in that morning as the first of the wounded returned to London. They told of unstoppable numbers and massive siege machines that seemed all but impossible. The most frightening thing that she heard was the number of knights and servants who fell under armor-piercing longbow arrows. She feared that she would hear that more than a brother had died on that field… that love had died for her there as well.

But that word never came. The final total loss for her family said that 2 of her three brothers and an uncle had fallen in the battle, and that her father, serving for the last time in the cavalry attack, had been shot off his horse by a single arrow to the leg and was in an apothecary’s being treated for the pain and unable to cross the sea. As for what had happened to the man she loved with all her heart, she heard nothing.

However, more than 10 men were knighted for their bravery and skill on the battlefield, and were being held over for a salute by the new army to arrive. Though it was too much to hope that her Galin would be one of them, she was sure that he had been called on to aid these lucky men for the remainder of their time in Normandy.

The hero of the battle was a newly-knighted lord for the region of Albans, near her own domain. It was reported he had destroyed two massive siege weapons and killed or wounded more French knights than all the yeomen in the battle combined. But she took this all with a grain of salt, as she knew how these rumors tended to grow rapidly.

The problem was, her father had sent a message to her telling her that he had met this “fine knight, a true son of the noble blood” after the battle and had decided that his daughter and this brave warrior should be wed immediately to ensure he would have mighty grandsons to carry on his legacy.

Sometimes her father infuriated her, being so disposed towards having a proud family heritage. He would never understand her wanting to marry for love. He was the reason that Galin had had to try to earn glory and respect and was probably dead now.

Oh, Galin! Why did you go! I loved you, I don’t care what my father thinks, we loved each other and that is all that mattered to me. You didn’t have to do this. She sighed, and a single tear traveled down her fair cheek. Now she would never see him again, and she was to be wed to some heaving brute who wouldn’t love her any more than her father had loved his wife. Sometimes she even wondered if her father loved HER.
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